Dine for Dementia

From a common household sports name to a strong advocate for setting the pace to cure Alzheimers Disease, most of NWA can tell you a story or two of how they know John Franklin Broyles name. After 5 legendary decades of coaching and directing Arkansas Razorback Football, Broyles began his journey to help those affected by Alzheimers Disease through publishing educational materials and establishing the Broyles Foundation.

This summer avad3 had the amazing opportunity to work alongside and support the Broyles Foundation's ‘Dine for Dementia’ fundraiser through providing quality full-service production.

Camera IMAG

Stage Lighting

Color Up-Lighting

Live Audio Sound System

Event Recording

The night consisted of country singer Coffey Anderson performance, dinner, silent auction, and Green Jacket Presentation of the Golf Tournament winners. The night was full of color and celebration of the Broyles Foundation and what its supporters have done to help affirm families affected by this disease and advance the cure.


avad3 truly enjoys working with organizations like the Broyles Foundation who’s mission is to connect, educate and serve people not only in our community but nation wide.