Salute to the Medal of Honor Gala

Noble salutes, beautiful flags, and awe-inspiring veterans. 

That is the essence of the Medal of Honor Gala. 

We have been privileged to be a part of this Gala for the past several years, and we love seeing the tradition of recognizing heroes continue in NWA. There is nothing quite like serving the ultimate servants; the ones who put everything on the line for the freedom of their country and the world.

The Medal of Honor is the highest award given for valor in action, and there were more than a dozen recipients of this award in attendance. The evening was dedicated to them, and we were honored to help create the perfect environment for them to receive recognition. 

Check out the pictures below to get a glimpse into this special evening!

avad3 Support: Lighting, staging, audio, video, and recording

Location: The Record - Bentonville, AR

Attendance: 75-100