Heartland Summit

When someone calls something “a big event” what do you picture?  “Big” to us means it’s a big deal.  An important day.  Possibly with some big name people on stage, or even more importantly, some big name people in the audience.  On these big days, regardless of room size, you as an event planner want to make sure you have set yourself up to succeed.  

Heartland Summit had a total headcount of around 300, but it was a big event.  World-class speakers.  Attendees from around the world.  The event planners wanted to make sure everything looked and sounded flawless, and beyond that, that it all was captured and recorded well.  There would never be a second chance to capture what happened in these rooms.  

Did we say rooms?  Multiple rooms.  A non-traditional conference setting put this summit in multiple venues downtown.  Opening session at The Record, lunch across the square, afternoon sessions at the Crystal Bridges Great Hall, topped off with a large-format private dinner with less than 4hrs from load-in to doors.  It felt like the Super Bowl Halftime show getting everything in place in a world-famous museum, all while minimizing the disturbance of their guests, which were still in the museum.  We did this all with the coordination of the venue, who allowed avad3 to be one of very few who have been allowed to pre-rig the flown equipment the week before.  

Quality events like this take months to plan, not weeks.  

avad3 was proud to serve through audio, video, lighting and full service production for this one.  Our crew of over 30 men and women and truck upon truck of equipment made the event not only flawless, but maintained a small footprint.  These are not convention centers with huge backstages.  Attendees needed to be comfortable and not see a space station control booth when they walked in.  We took special attention to keep our presence minimum behind the scenes while still having a strong stage presence for the attendees.  Check out the pictures!