Plant a Seed Soirée

In a sense, using avad3 is like having an insurance policy taken out on an event to make sure it runs flawlessly.  This idea definitely came into play at one of the most recent events we produced, the Plant a Seed Soirée. 

The Northwest Arkansas Community College wanted to shake things up a bit at their annual Plant a Seed Soirée this year, so they hired our event planner friends at Bates Events ( to move the event from the typical convention center ballroom to a tent setup behind their student union.  Our task was to give them the same professional touch of an indoor event while executing it on the back lawn under a tent canopy.  It was a blast, and our techs were up for the engineering challenge from day one.  

Instead of our standard projection setup, we used 80" televisions at the front and 70” televisions at the back.  We supplied the jazz band with the mics, speakers, and sound they needed.  Lastly, we organized the multiple presentations, video playback moments, and flow of the show from the welcome to the closing comments.