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We post all of our job openings on Workable.  Check it out!  


We are passionate about teaching. We believe in the next generation of production professionals, and we are happy to teach anyone who will listen. If you’re interested in learning production, don’t disqualify yourself by your age. Whether you’re 12 or 62, there’s no denying a passion in your heart for production, and we’re confident there isn’t another place on earth as healthy to learn in as right here in NWA under our wing. If you light up at the sound of that, send us an email, and let’s talk.  


Working for avad3 doesn’t always have to mean waiting until we have a spot on the team. If you’re a talented production professional, we want to meet. In busy seasons we’re always needing a few extra folks to staff our event crews. First, let’s meet and get to know each other.  

Stage Hands.

Every event we do takes a lot of hands to get set up and torn down. If you’re a hard worker with a servant's heart, you don’t have to be a skilled production pro to come on a show. We gladly pay for folks to come alongside our team and spend 4-6 hours with us at setup and teardown of events.