We are avad3.

/of - odd - three/


avad3 is an event production company nestled in the center of Northwest Arkansas. We're a full-service provider combining our skilled team of professionals with a warehouse of avad3-maintained equipment. At avad3, we believe that quality audio, video and lighting are key to making an event a true success.  Our mission is to provide personalized event production for organizations who make a difference, because we love to serve. 


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Putting on a successful event takes more than booking a venue, laying out the tables and chairs, and hoping your audience participates. It takes extensive knowledge of all things audio, video, and lighting so that the event feels like an event, and not simply a room full of loosely-connected people.

Most events are put on by organizations who do maybe 2 or 3 events a year. At avad3, all we do is events. Consider us your experienced ally. Our craft is production because we believe that poorly done A/V is the number one distraction from a quality event. We provide all the equipment (microphones, projectors, lights) as well as the team (camera operators, sound guys, production managers) to make sure your event is scripted and crafted to deliver exactly the results you want.

Looking for video creation?

We've got you covered. avad3 has recently expanded, and what was formally known as the avad3 video department is now its own company. To check out our new sister company, click the button below.