Non-profits Sponsorship

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at avad3 is: 

“Do you sponsor events?”  

And the answer is…


We absolutely love the energy that nonprofit events bring to our community. That energy is in our blood, and we want to give back to these faithful organizations in every way that we can.

As you can imagine, we are unable to support every event that we are asked to sponsor, but over the years we have developed an organized system that helps us assess each and every request sent our way from the community. 

So, tell us…

Do you have an event that you would like for us to sponsor?  

Do you know of someone at a local non-profit or elsewhere who would like for us to sponsor their event? 

Using the guidelines below, please determine if the event is eligible. Then, fill out our form here for your event to be taken into consideration.  


Sponsorship Guidelines:

1. Only registered Nonprofit organizations may apply.

2. Organizations must submit their application and have a signed proposal with avad3 at least 60 days before their event.

3. avad3 will collect sponsorship applications in six month cycles. Applications submitted January through June will qualify events occurring from July through December of that year. Applications submitted from July through December will qualify events occurring from January through June of the following year.

4. avad3 will update eligible applicants on the approval status of their application at the beginning of Q1 or Q3 respectively. 

5. Sponsorship applications will be archived at the end of each six month cycle. Applications must be re-submitted every six months in order to continue qualification.

6. If awarded, the sponsorship will go towards the cost of equipment for the event. 


We are thrilled to hear about what you are up to in the community, and we will be in touch to let you know how we can help!