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An important business meeting was elevated with no added cost by using a trusted production partner.

The Background

Business meetings are common for large corporations such as Walmart. For this particular meeting with many suppliers, vendors, and high-level attendees, this leadership group trusted the event’s technical details with our team.

Audience of 50 people sit in a small room viewing a stage full of Walmart Spark logos

The Challenge

The set design was an essential aspect of this event to help give the room cohesive branding and elevate the energy in the room. The challenge lies in enhancing the brand and being efficient with the budget.

An audio technician wearing all black sits in the back of a crowded room mixing audio for an event.

The Solution

Developing a relationship with our production company has allowed Walmart to save money and be more effective at planning and executing these smaller events. The set design for this meeting was added at no extra cost because our team recycled it from a previous event for this client. Planning this event took little time, which also subtracted from the overall cost, thanks to the efficiency of having a long-term partner for production.