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Each spring, EAST Conference brings together more than 3,500 students, teachers, parents, and community and business leaders. This multi-day event allows students to showcase community-impact projects, network with peers and industry professionals, and experience a professional conference unlike any other. The goal is to empower students, celebrate their achievements, foster connections, and expand the EAST network. “They (avad3) really are the best and have helped launch the EAST Initiative’s productions to levels we never dreamed possible.” – Matt Dozier, CEO at EAST Initiative.

Our Role & Collaboration

As a trusted production partner for EAST Conference, avad3 Event Production was tasked with ensuring a smooth and impactful event. Given our three-year history with this conference, we were well-equipped to handle many aspects independently, significantly easing the client’s burden.

Photo by: avad3 event production, teammate operates lighting console at EASTCon 2024

Expert Planning & Coordination

We took over many logistical and creative responsibilities from the client. We optimized our content sharing process by funneling files to folders designated to each room, ensuring all presenters and speakers had up-to-date content for their time on stage. We also proposed different variations of breakout sessions to provide cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality.
Our proactive approach in presenting multiple set design options and breakout session variations pleasantly surprised the client. Regular planning meetings were held to ensure clarity and reinforce the client’s trust that we had everything under control.
By suggesting an optimized schedule for our team and a revised rehearsal schedule for presenters, we saved valuable time. This efficiency allowed the client to focus on other critical aspects of the conference and their day-to-day responsibilities.

Photo by: avad3 event production, bright and fun lighting design at EASTCon 2024

Innovative Stage Design & Technical Achievements

In the General Sessions, we implemented numerous technical innovations. Our logistics team masterfully managed the equipment, providing a calm and professional presence for presenters ranging from elementary students to doctoral professors.
A standout innovation featuring a compass print we designed and an “x” shaped lighting rig to be flown above the stage to seamlessly match this event’s theme. The white background of the print allowed us to use a leko light to change its color throughout the show, creating a visually stunning effect that had attendees asking where the projectors were hidden.

Photo by: avad3 event production, teammate operates audio console in a breakout room at EASTCon 2024

We Are Problem Solvers

Despite budget constraints limiting crewing capabilities for setting up breakout rooms, our team’s efficiency and dedication ensured everything was ready on time. With only 3 crew members to execute the breakouts, our team showcased their ability to deliver excellence under pressure. Managing the load-in process within the venue’s constraints was another challenge we navigated smoothly thanks to our experience and meticulous pre-planning. Our team’s ability to handle these logistical hurdles without compromising quality has become a hallmark of the avad3 team.

We’ve Built a Strong Partnership

The best feedback we received was while hosting a breakout of our own. We got to teach the students all about the world of event production. The students were genuinely interested in our team’s work and engaged in conversations about our roles and equipment. Our values run parallel to the values of EAST which only amplifies our commitment to elevating their voice. The clients’ consistent affirmation that they never want to host another seminar or conference without us was incredibly rewarding.

Photo by: avad3 event production, teammate teaches the students about production at EASTCon 2024

Our Commitment to Excellence

EAST Conference 2024 was a resounding success, showcasing avad3 Event Production’s expertise in event management and technical innovation. Our proactive planning, technical prowess, and strong client relationships were pivotal in delivering an outstanding event at this large scale. The positive feedback and deepened partnership with EAST affirm our commitment to excellence and collaboration in every project we undertake.