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We traveled to Aspen Colorado to provide A/V in a town without a substantial production company. With only one day available in the St Regis downtown we went truck-setup-rehearse-show-strike-truck in less than 24hrs. We provided production for a national band and stayed within budget including our all-inclusive travel.

Photo Credit: Kyle Buthod

A tall order

This event needed to happen the 5th of July, notoriously the busiest weekend of the year in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. It also had to take place at the St. Regis, downtown, which was only available for exactly 24hrs. No day-before load-in. No rehearsal day. No time, and no margin for error. They also were fortunate enough to secure a national band and author, who typically perform in arenas. We had to serve them and cater to their rider in a way that set them up to perform at the level expected. This was a tall order!

Thank you all! Absolutely nothing to correct on your end. It was awesome! We loved you and want you back next year!
Rhonda Schneider
Event Planner, Summit Aspen
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A special venue, with challenges

We had a basement ballroom with low ceilings, hanging chandeliers, no loading dock, and anything in or out had to be pushed by hand 1200ft uphill through an active parking garage. Did we mention 24hrs? Selecting a production-friendly venue can save time and money. In this case, this venue was absolutely worth the challenges, but these had to be overcome in planning.

Real-World Budget

This event is not put on by a giant corporation. It’s not sponsored by your favorite soft drink. The Summit was the vision of a husband and wife who took a leap of faith and began hosting it. All on their own, they have grown it to sell-out the largest venue in Aspen every year. Even with sell-out crowds, and raving reviews, events are not cheap. The couple provides a real-world budget, and the support needed to pull this off, but there are no blank checks. We’re used to serving non-profits, both regionally and nationally, and we’ve gotten very good at dropping ourselves into cities across the country with realistic event budgets.

Photo Credit: Kyle Buthod

Providing Production for a National Band

Professional artists have serious needs. They are booked for the quality of their performances, and those performances don’t happen without demanding real support. The Summit wanted to draw attendees with a national name, and those attendees came expecting to experience what they’re used to experiencing with this band: a serious show! We gave a crowd of hundreds the experience of a crowd of thousands. On a tight schedule, in a tight room, on a budget, we delivered an experience that left no one feeling anything less than the arena-level experience.

Photo Credit: Kyle Buthod

LED Wall in Tight Spaces

LED Wall providers have soared in popularity in recent years. We’ve flown them indoors, outdoors, tall, wide, large and small. Nothing quite as challenging as squeezing this size into this room. With limited ceiling height, and a non-weight-bearing ceiling, everything had to be built from the ground up. And, in a limited size room, that ground supported rigging couldn’t take up an inch more than necessary or it would cut into ticket sales. As you can see the results were a beautiful concert-looking rig in a room that’s never rocked quite like this before.

Flawless Success

In, out, and done in 24hrs. Everything going to and from an active parking garage. A realistic budget. National touring level band. And, when it was all over, the client said they’d like to have us back again next year. What an honor. We love providing production for events across the country. We especially love knowing that the cost of traveling us from Arkansas doesn’t prevent us from being competitive when it counts. And, most of all, we are proud to earn and keep the trust of clients, just like this one.

Do you have a challenging event somewhere in the country? Do the pressure points above sound familiar to you? Perhaps you’ve struggled with finding a partner in the cities you visit. We’d love to hear about your challenges, and provide our expertise from events just like this one, for your event day.

Photo Credit: Kyle Buthod