Holding an event out in the elements has a great way of immersing the audience in the experience. The outdoors also allows for a higher capacity of people. After all, your capacity is only limited to how big the plot of land is. So why is the production price tag typically more expensive?

Unpredictable Conditions Raises the Cost of Outdoor Events

Weather. It’s either your best friend or worst enemy while planning an event. The unpredictability of weather causes a lot of extra planning. Holding an event outside with no plan B could result in it being completely canceled by a pop-up rain shower. Most production gear cannot get wet at all. This causes a lot of extra planning to ensure everyone and everything will stay safe. This increases the hours spent on the project, and therefore adds dollar signs to the overall cost.

Temperature could Impact Certain Equipment

Any equipment involving technology has its limitations. Rain is the biggest factor in safely running an outdoor event, but another thing to consider is cold/heat. For our recent event for UCI Cyclocross, it was cold. Very cold. While planning for the event we noticed the temperature would fall below 20 degrees. Most cost-friendly LED lights actually do not operate below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. After notifying the client, they agreed to use more expensive lights that could handle the conditions. Once again, another addition to the production bill.

The Small Details Add Up

Tents, heaters/fans, chairs, restrooms, power, and even parking are all things to consider when staging an event outdoors. All of these things are included when you have an event inside. Outside, these things are just as essential. They will also add to the total cost.

Generally, people associate outdoor events with a cheap overhead. After all, there is nothing above your head. Essentials that are a given with indoor venues are somewhat expensive to bring outside. Things are also unpredictable. Holding events outdoors can be exciting, but you need to plan ahead and budget accordingly. Need help planning your next outdoor event? Let’s talk.