Benjamin Hixson

Benjamin Hixson

Production Apprentice

I’m in a two-year program designed to make me into a production tech. It’s my goal to be in charge of your audio, video or lighting at your next event! 

I started at about 12 years old. My mobile church in South Dakota needed more volunteer help for the setup/strike of our worship area, and after a few Sundays, I fell in love with this type of work. Now I’m on a journey towards becoming a true professional production tech. 

Excellence is in the details, and I give our expertise a firm foundation by focusing on things like cables, cleanliness and making shows look flawless. My role is unique in that you can find me on just about every single show. One of my greatest strengths is leading the groups of setup/strike labor it takes to build our larger shows. I’ve been where they are and can be a leader to them for our team. 

In the future I’m looking forward to being a tech fully responsible for a department on a large scale show. In the meantime you can find me on-site or in our shop getting my hands on our gear and learning to be better all the time.