Courtney Zahner

Courtney Zahner

Production Manager

My role allows me to witness the magic of vision and collaboration coming to life, bringing joy to others through our exceptional events.

For aspiring candidates looking to join our remarkable team, I offer this advice: Show initiative and intuition in your work. Asking questions and demonstrating eagerness to learn and grow will take you a long way in contributing to our dynamic and creative environment.

When I’m not immersed in the world of event production, you’ll often find me indulging in two of my favorite pastimes. First, kayaking down a tranquil river provides a sense of freedom and serenity like no other. The rush of the water and the beauty of nature rejuvenate my spirit. Second, taking a long walk while listening to new music opens my mind to fresh perspectives and inspires my creativity.

At avad3, we’re committed to turning ideas into reality, crafting unforgettable experiences, and making dreams come true for our clients. It’s a pleasure to work alongside a talented and passionate team, united in our mission to deliver excellence in every event we produce. Together, we bring joy and happiness to our clients and their audiences, turning moments into cherished memories.

I’m thrilled to be part of this incredible team and look forward to continuing our journey of creativity, collaboration, and success. Whether it’s orchestrating grand-scale productions or focusing on the smallest details that make a difference, I find fulfillment in every aspect of my role as a Production Manager. Together, we’ll continue to make an impact on the world of event production and create moments that leave a lasting impression.