Ethan Wing

Production Tech

At avad3, I’m one of the Production Technicians that will always be ready to get to work with a smile on his face. My team and I will be onsite to help make sure your vision comes to reality and take all of the stress off your shoulders by handling the equipment and tech needed to execute a flawless show.

I started learning about audio while in high school where I was dabbling with GarageBand which instilled a desire to learn more about the technical side of music and understand what all goes into audio production. This led me to go to college to study Music Production, but it inevitably allowed me to experience many other aspects that audio plays a role in such as Live Events, TV, Radio, Cinema, and more. Every time I learned something new, the more I desired to continue to grow, allowing me to work in these various scenarios and events. Being at avad3, I plan on becoming a “Swiss Army knife” where I can be working at audio, lighting, and video and continue to bring out the best in your shows.

It is deeply rewarding to see a show go from the planning stages to running the event and giving our clients an extremely positive experience that inspires trust and excitement to collaborate on future shows. When I’m not at a show, I will still be getting my hands dirty, ensuring all of our gear is in tip-top shape, and working hard, planning for the next event. I’m excited to help this company grow and continue building the trust you put in us as a team.

Ethan’s Favorite Event with avad3 – Elio Villafranca Piano Concert 

Working with Elio was a lot of fun and interesting since during the concert, he was playing along with videos that were projected and played a lot of phenomenal jazz and Caribbean-infused music. I also had a lot of fun going outside of the norm with the audio set-up, creating more of a studio space with the mics at the piano and around the room, allowing the piano to sound rich and huge.

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