Josh Eddleman

VP, Operations

One of the most inspiring aspects of my job is the privilege of working alongside humble experts. Every day, I have the opportunity to collaborate with incredibly knowledgeable and experienced individuals who continuously inspire me with their expertise and dedication. It’s truly an honor to serve with such remarkable team mates.

When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me going on adventures with my family. We also love chilling at home and watching movies. I love physical activity and adventure but do not enjoy working out, gravel biking has become my outlet for exploring the wonderful roads of rural Arkansas and at the same time tricking myself into working out.

A typical day for me involves finding a balance between proactive work and reactive support for my team. Ideally, I spend half of my time focusing on strategic initiatives, seeking ways to enhance our team’s efficiency and effectiveness. The other half is dedicated to providing assistance to my colleagues, removing obstacles, and providing clarity whenever needed. This dynamic balance ensures that I can contribute to both the long-term vision and the immediate needs of our team.

Now, here’s something that might surprise you. I grew up on a ranch, which means I possess a wide range of skills and talents that people might not expect. While I might not get to utilize some of these skills in my day to day at Avad3, I’m very comfortable riding horses, caring for livestock, operating heavy machinery, and a unique ability to maneuver trailers of all sizes with a fair amount of ease. Growing up in such an environment instilled in me a strong work ethic and an aptitude for hands-on tasks.