Karen Feagin

Logistics Director

We’re based in Northwest Arkansas, and we do events from Washington DC to San Fransisco. I make sure the right equipment makes it to the right place, at the right time, every time. There is nothing like standing at my desk, with my office door open out to the shop, sun shining in, a couple of trucks backed into the avad3 dock, and the buzz of activity. Watching some gear come home, other prepped gear go out, and thinking of where in the country the team will go tomorrow is exciting. My role plays a big part in what we do here as my team. 

We had a fundraiser gala when I was in college that the hospitality program planned and executed. I worked in the kitchen my freshman year. Really long days, minimal sleep but so much fun. After that, I knew I wanted to do events. From restaurants to catering, and now production, the energy I get is what keeps me going for the energy I pour out to make these things happen. 

One of the things I’m most proud of is getting creative for our clients to help save their budget dollars. Event Production can be expensive. Getting 80,000 pounds across the country costs something. But, if we can be creative and think outside of “the way the industry has always done it” we can really save them budget dollars. I know I am supporting the mission of the organizations that trust us by helping make sure every dollar contributes to their mission. 

Karen’s Favorite Event with avad3 – EAST Conference 2021

EAST seems to be doing some neat things, and I like that they want to bring the students into be involved in their event. It was really good experience from a tech perspective too.  Find out more about this event

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