Phillip Johnson

Phillip Johnson

Production Director

Like many in the live production industry, I unknowingly embarked on a career in event production when I purchased a musical instrument. At the age of 15, I purchased an electric guitar, complete with “THE SHREDDER” branding on its headstock from my neighbor. Soon after, I began guitar lessons from a teacher who would become a mentor in all things music and audio. As my mentor realized that I would never be the next Eddie Van Halen, my guitar lessons gradually became more and more focused on learning the physics and theory of audio. I poured over books and magazines, seeking out every ounce of wisdom I could gather.

Since those early days, I have gone on to tour with national-level music artists, run production full time at a church, and lead the live event production team for a Fortune 50 company. As varied as these roles have been, mentors and leaders pouring into my personal and professional development have been the common thread.

Today you can find me leading the production team at avad3, serving on-site at events, and strategically researching the best place for dinner while traveling for “away” shows.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, flying airplanes recreationally, and playing guitar and bass.