Sam Moergen

Production Director

I lead the team in terms of experience. I’ve worked across the country in multiple sectors of the production industry, and I have to say, there’s just nothing quite like the energy of a live event. 

I sort of fell into the industry. Being a musician put me nearby, and in 2012 I officially began my career up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ve done everything from drive a forklift to pulling wire on installs, I’ve worked in national museums and outside pushing cases literally through snow. The things I’ve seen and the amount of learned in the years behind me is truly humbling. 

The challenge I help customers with most today is capturing their vision and making it come to life. I’m a good listener, and I take very seriously the art of taking notes and designing something that articulates what our clients meant, even reading between the lines. I’m on-site a lot serving out in the field, but I come to life when I’m rendering and creating the design for an upcoming event. If you don’t see me out on an event site, chances are I’m back in Northwest Arkansas at my desk dreaming up our next event’s look and feel, in 3D.