Thomas Meadours

Sales and Marketing Manager

I’m the helpful listener, the one who listens closely to everything a client desires. My notes from a project’s outset go to the Production Manager assigned to an event. I’m here to make sure clients are heard, and there is nothing like seeing them smile at me at the end of a show when their vision has come to life. 

Often when I begin with event planners it’s clear to me that their event has to please multiple parties. I love listening, and crafting a personal customer experience that supports them with specific solutions for their unique needs. I am always researching new opportunities and workshopping ideas with potential clients. I believe our team is one of a kind and I’m here to connect clients with needs to my incredible teammates. Nothing feels better. 

When I’m on-site my goal is to make sure every detail I heard on a phone call months ago is accomplished. While our PMs lead their teams and our techs do their thing, you can find me behind the scenes making sure every wish has become a reality.