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Spark Creativity for Your Event with These 15 Experiential Events

June 13, 2024

If you read our article on experiential events, you know that the ways in which events can be enhanced or even redefined through experiential elements is as limitless as your imagination. Seeing other successes can often spark creativity, so we’ve curated another list of events that have inspired us. Take a look!

Event: Pinknic’s Celebration of Rosé & Summer

What was great: Pinknic took advantage of the Labor Day weekend’s association with summer celebrations and created a sort of festival of food, drinks, and music. A variety of vendors, restaurants, chefs, and musicians came together to provide a delightful experience for guests, who especially enjoyed sampling Pinknic’s rosé wine.
The takeaway: Other companies with similar products can be your allies, not just your competitors. Sometimes an event collaboration means more success for all. See more here.

Event: Starz’s “Party Down” FYC Event

What was great: To introduce Emmy voters to their comedy series Party Down during the For Your Consideration season, the television network threw a party with a prom theme that echoed a popular episode of the show. They screened that episode and others, and executed a fully themed and branded prom for attendees.
The takeaway: A theme doesn’t have to be broad or general. Sometimes one small detail of a product can be worthy of a lot of attention.

Event: The Hollywood Reporter Kids Power! Celebration

What was great: The Hollywood Reporter published its first Kids Power issue, celebrating the difference makers in kids and family entertainment. To promote the issue and its subjects they threw a celebration in conjunction with children’s show Gabby’s Dollhouse from DreamWorks Animation along with Nickelodeon and Paramount+. There were a variety of fun, family-friendly activities including meet and greets, outdoor screenings, and art projects. There was also a service component, with guests invited to participate in a packing party to create personal care kits for children entering foster care.
The takeaway: Tailoring an event to families is imminently doable, and including a service component can enrich the experience for everyone.

Event: Ashley’s Holiday Listening Room with Pentatonix

What was great: Two powerhouses in completely different industries combined forces for a unique event in Los Angeles. Furniture company Ashley set up “houses” in the shape of their logo with different Christmas themes, filled with Ashley furniture. Guests could relax in the houses while listening to Pentatonix new Christmas album, take advantage of photo ops and a cocoa bar, and enter to win Pentatonix show tickets or Ashley gift cards. All the furniture was available to shop via QR codes, and the CDs were stocked to purchase.
The takeaway: If you’re considering an event partnership, think way outside the box. An unlikely pairing could end up being perfect harmony.

Event: Bulleit Frontier Whiskey’s Limitless Lounge

What was great: The Pioneer Project is a long term plan by Bulleit to focus on those who are shaping and innovating culture. The Limitless Lounge was one component of the plan. As attendees sipped on themed cocktails, they observed the space around them completely transform through projection mapping, thanks to media artist company Optical Animal. The space changed in harmony with the music that was playing around four themes: music, art, nature, and imagination. Guests were treated to a breathtaking visual experience.
The takeaway: Technology gives us more opportunities than ever to create unique experiences. Seek out professionals who know the newest and most exciting options. See more here

Event: Kettle & Fire Thanksgiving Experience

What was great: Kettle & Fire is a bone broth brand committed to producing healthier food in the United States. To promote this effort as well as its regenerative bone broth, the brand activation experience educated guests on some of the problems with the current US food system through interactive exhibits. Attendees were able to view a healthy Thanksgiving meal featuring Kettle & Fire’s products as well as a curated pantry featuring Kettle & Fire and its partner brands.
The takeaway: Adding an educational component to an event can be eye-opening and instigate brand loyalty. Also, holidays don’t have to be a time to avoid creating events.

Event: Runner’s World x Adidas Clubhouse

What was great: On the weekend of the New York City Marathon, two companies with obvious ties to the event joined forces to create an exciting space for runners and fans. The event combined merchandise shopping, athlete appearances, discussion panels, and a footwear exhibit. Turning one of the less pleasant parts of a marathon into a clever experience, runners could slip into the Adidas Wash Closet Confessional created from two converted portable toilet units to record themselves talking about the upcoming race and how they were feeling, then share their video to social media.
The takeaway: When a large cultural event is happening, companies with adjacent interests can create opportunities to enrich the experience by connecting their brand through an event.


Event: Hilton’s Global Owner’s Conference

What was great: After the pandemic not only prevented in-person conferences for several years but also left the hospitality industry strained and depleted, Hilton created an exciting and encouraging experience for the over 2,500 hotel owners who attended its return to the in-person conference. “Brighter Together” was the theme, and it was evident throughout the spaces and technology for the conference. Rooms, breakouts, networking spaces, entertainment, and giveaways were all carefully curated to make owners feel connected, empowered, and optimistic about their future with Hilton.
The takeaway: When things aren’t great in your industry, you don’t have to pretend they are. Recognize when the people you support feel uneasy and create components to your event that reassure them.

Event: Zoomtopia Conference

What was great: Zoom became a household name out of necessity in 2020, and as “Zoom fatigue” eventually set in, it could have become a pariah. Instead it used its conference as an innovative hybrid event to show both in person and virtual attendees how relevant and useful Zoom continues to be. Rather than the virtual component just being a necessity, it was a celebrated feature and was used to showcase how Zoom’s technology continues to evolve and offer more dynamic options for hybrid or online meetings. Both in person and virtual guests had options to visit exhibits, lounges, performances, and merch shops. The hybrid sessions brought virtual guests into the experience seamlessly and even pulled random attendees onscreen to participate.
The takeaway: Events can show your clients that you are not only relevant, but constantly innovating to remain valuable.

Event: Plaion Saints Row Preview Event

What was great: Plaion knew expectations would be high for the release of the 5th version of its Saints Row video game, so it went all out. An entire Las Vegas hotel was transformed into an immersive experience for press one night and fans the next. Entire “sets” from the game were painstakingly recreated like the Santo Ileso saloon where the drinks and souvenir drinkware were branded, as were the chips at the blackjack table. Characters roamed the event and interacted with guests. An actual tattoo parlor was active, and a heavy metal mariachi band (!) played while guests sampled tacos from the Chalupacabra Truck. The ballroom provided an opportunity for guests to try out the game. The event resulted in tremendous press attention and buzz in the gaming community.
The takeaway: If your event will be multifaceted, consider using the entirety of a space for a truly immersive experience.

Event: TelevisaUnivision Upfront

What was great: Two leaders in Spanish-language entertainment content merged, and the resulting coming-out event was impressive. Guests were first treated to presentations by celebrity guests and company execs on an eye-catching stage that kept the energy high. When the giant LED screen at the back of the stage lifted, it revealed a reception space that resembled a Hispanic town square. Attendees were immersed in cultural details that transported them to enjoy authentic food and entertainment while reinforcing TelevisaUnivision’s brand.
The takeaway: Embrace what is unique about your organization, and what connects it with its constituents.


Event: Audi Noma Dinner Series

What was great: Audi wanted to promote its electric vehicle the e-tron GT, and Noma wanted to promote sustainable food systems as the 5-times voted World’s Best Restaurant. While it might seem like an odd pairing, it worked beautifully. A nursery was completely transformed into a plant-filled natural dining experience. Guests arrived in chauffeured e-tron GTs, and had the opportunity to observe an Audi display inside. Diners (only 50 per night to keep the event intimate) were able to watch chefs prepare outstanding meals with ingredients locally sourced and often purchased by the chefs themselves at farmer’s markets. The dinners brought extraordinary online attention to both brands and their sustainability efforts.
The takeaway: Two companies with different product categories can still make great partners if they have similar goals (in this case environmental and sustainability priorities).

Event: Kohler’s 150th Anniversary at KBIS

What was great: Kohler used the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show as the perfect opportunity to celebrate its history and its future with a whopping 15,000 square foot booth. The space had interactive opportunities for visitors to view past products and campaigns as well as new innovations and industry trends. Kohler had allowed the public to vote on which former product colors should be brought back for retro products and unveiled the winning colors, Peachblow and Spring Green, at the event.
The takeaway: If your organization is celebrating a milestone anniversary, it’s possible to focus on both your history and your future at the same time, and even blend them into new products that innovate while embracing nostalgia.


Event: Amazon Ads unBoxed

What was great: Amazon had a point to prove: advertising with Amazon can be effective and worthwhile. To do it, they created a large experiential event for potential and current advertisers. They offered speakers and breakout sessions, but the focus of the show was demos. Guests were shown the multitude of ever-evolving ways Amazon advertising could benefit them. They were given virtual experiences to showcase the many exposures consumers have to Amazon ads, and free consulting and advising on how to maximize their ad potential
The takeaway: Sometimes people need more than being told your product can help them- they need to be shown. It doesn’t hurt if they have fun while they’re there!


Event: Xbox FanFest Trivia

What was great: Xbox is known for celebrating its faithful users through innovative events. The brand decided to incorporate the popular trend of trivia nights and transform it into a uniquely Xbox event. The hybrid setup allowed participants to attend via Twitch. Prizes were awarded over 10 rounds and well known hosts, as well as numerous celebrity appearances, kept the audience and participants engaged and excited. The event was the best attended in Xbox’s history.
The takeaway: Take advantage of cultural trends. If there’s an activity your target audience enjoys, find a way to incorporate a version of it into your event.

Seeing how others have been successful at experiential events can be just the boost you need to come up with a plan for your own event. Consider how the ideas, partnerships, and innovations we’ve mentioned here can inspire you! If you need someone who can help turn your dreams into reality chat with us today! We would love to serve you on your next event.

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