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What Does A/V Stand for in an Event Setting?

February 20, 2024

“So what is it you do exactly?”

We get that a lot. People aren’t always sure what audio visual (A/V) production is, or what it has to do with their lives. Even if you aren’t an event planner though, it’s almost certain that you’ve witnessed A/V production in some form. If you’ve ever attended a conference, presentation, banquet, or even a wedding, your experience was shaped by A/V production.

Ever-Changing Technology

Because it’s rooted in technology, A/V production is constantly changing. From chalkboards to Smartboards to digital projectors and LED screens; from a megaphone to a loudspeaker to button sized wireless microphones- the evolution of helping people at events hear and see in new ways continues to happen at lightning speed. A/V production companies are the masters in this arena and bring the best and most cost effective A/V solutions to their event clients.



Add Value to Your Event

The purpose of the A/V component at an event at its simplest is this: it adds value to the experience of the event guest by creating an environment where presenters can clearly be seen and heard and have a range of options at their disposal to share information with their audience. It makes a space visually interesting and accessible. It reinforces the theme and vision for the event. It ensures the event runs smoothly and goals are met.

Elevate Your Sound

There is an astonishing and ever-evolving array of equipment A/V production companies use to achieve this purpose. Good sound requires a superior sound system and state of the art microphones and consoles. Projector and screen options to fit any type of venue setup, as well as nearly infinite ways to use lighting to both illuminate and draw interest, are available as well. A/V production companies are well stocked and always adding to their inventory. For example, avad3 was fortunate to be one of the first owners of the cutting-edge Yamaha DM7 in the US to remain at the forefront of the event production industry

Hire Production Professionals

All the equipment in the world, though, is useless unless it’s in the right hands. At avad3, we have a large team of professionals who work in production because it is their passion. They comprehensively understand the work and the tech. We also make our client relationships a priority. We meet with clients to help strategize throughout the planning process. We’re able to offer insight on logistics that help maximize effectiveness while minimizing cost. Our team’s skills extend to event conceptualization and content creation. We work hard to make sure we help our clients be successful in every way possible.

Different A/V for Various Events

Virtually every event needs A/V production, just in different ways. A business meeting may only require a straightforward setup of a podium, microphone, and projector. A gala will likely need those same things, although on a much larger scale, as well as stage setup and lighting and a sound system for music. A multi-day conference entails various setups in the main area and breakout rooms, as well as the lobby. It may require one kind of microphone for a keynote speaker, another for the host, and a third solution for a panel session. The first job of an A/V production company is to work with each event planner to determine exactly what these needs will be- and a good A/V production company will be able to guide the client to solutions that may not even have occurred to them. They’ll also prioritize helping clients spend their budget wisely, investing where it’s important while stretching the dollars for maximum impact.


From Planning to Execution

Some audio visual production companies prefer to focus on the basics- providing equipment and setup. At avad3 we take a more comprehensive approach, finding that our clients benefit most when we are available from the beginning of the planning process to help streamline the production with all other aspects of the event. Production can make or break an event, and we want it to elevate the experience in the best way every single time.

Create Your Perfect Event

As technology continues to evolve and more of life is happening online, the capabilities and services of A/V production companies must follow suit. We are constantly updating our options for virtual and hybrid events to give our clients the most flexibility possible. We love showing what new tech exists that can create a totally new experience for event guests. Event production is what we live for, and our day is successful if we’ve worked with a client to get them exactly where they want to be with their event.