About You

You’re an event planner. Whether your job title says it or not, you have been tasked with planning an event. This could be your first or 100th event.

Also, this event you’re planning is important. There’s a lot of clear communication from your leadership that getting the details right matters. This year needs to be better than ever. Not necessarily flashier, but any of those technical difficulties from last year need to not happen again.

You feel like there’s a lot you don’t know. What’s particularly not clear is the tech stuff. You’ve seen enough events to know there’s a thousand things that could go wrong, but your job is not to focus on all of the tech details. Running a sound mixer while managing an entire team of technicians is too much to take on. So, you need someone to manage that for you. Like a construction general contractor, but for event production.

Every time you host an event you’ve been starting over with a new A/V person at a new venue property. Not all of your organization’s events are in the same city. Perhaps you even move some events each year around the country. You may not have considered it, but you could have one production point of contact that comes with you to every event you manage.