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We’re not here to be in the spotlight. Our founding principles, our team, even this website are geared entirely towards the success of our clients. It’s not about us. We each chose a career in event production because we love to be behind the scenes. We want to support you, support your event, and ultimately support the mission of your organization. We help you be the best you can be. On the biggest day of the year, that’s exactly what your organization needs.

When I hear that the avad3 team will be working an event it puts me at ease. I have ZERO doubts things will be executed amazingly.
Rebecca Beurkle
American Heart Association

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People You Want With You, Wherever You Go

We’ve built our entire business model off of keeping travel, equipment, and labor costs low enough to be competitive, even when traveling across the country. We centrally located ourselves in Northwest Arkansas (it’s beautiful, but we’re here strategically) to be perfectly positioned to make your A/V dreams come true.

You need an Event Production team you know. You could practically send a text message to us and have an event come together. We’ve done that. Six-figure events from a text message. That’s what happens when you’ve been working with a production partner for 2-3 years. There have always been in-house AV providers but their expertise won’t build year-over-year. We grow our expertise from over 100 events each year. By choosing us, you bring our expertise wherever you go.

Learn a little about you and some of the problems you may face while planning your event. 

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