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A Case Study of Our Own Event | Elevating a Live Webinar

April 16, 2024
In the world of event planning and execution, the role of a production partner is one of the keys to a stellar event. The success of an event often hinges on the seamless performance of technical elements, smooth presentations, and the overall enhancement of audience experience. In this case, we were our own client! We know that sounds a bit silly. Nevertheless, we’re taking a deep dive into the contributions made by our production team, in hopes of inspiring you and your production team on what it takes to ensure the success of a nationwide, live webinar.

Challenges Faced

avad3, as a sponsor of the event, sought to host a live webinar with nationwide reach. With an hour-long slot dedicated to presenting, the we faced the challenge of avoiding technical glitches that could impede the flow and impact of the webinar.

Our Team’s Support

•Ensuring smooth technical execution across various video conferencing platforms.
•Adapting to a new video platform with limited bandwidth without compromising production value.
•Implementing last-minute changes to enhance visual aesthetics.

Actions Taken by Production Partner

The production team assumed responsibility for all technical aspects, alleviating all of the client’s concerns. Their extensive experience across multiple platforms and thorough testing processes instilled confidence in the client, assuring them of a glitch-free webinar experience.

Enhancing Production Value

Despite the challenges posed by a new video platform with limited bandwidth, the production team leveraged their expertise to deliver a high-quality production. The hosts and moderators commended the event for its exceptional production value, setting a new standard for webinars they have historically hosted.

Debut of an Innovative Resource

The webinar served as a platform to debut a beta test of a venue scorecard exclusively for attendees. The positive feedback received underscored the effectiveness and value of the resource, enhancing the event’s relevance and lasting impact. A couple of comments we received included:
“More, more, more!! It’s great to hear about and SEE real-world examples. I’m sure the presenters could have shared 1000 more — looking forward to learning more next time!”
“Casual, conversational and informative. Great – thank you!”

What is Your Production Team Doing for You?

The collaboration between the client and the production partner exemplifies the critical role played by production teams in elevating the success of events. By providing technical expertise, enhancing production value, and demonstrating flexibility, the production team ensured a seamless and impactful webinar experience. This highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in achieving event objectives and delivering value to your attendees.