Deciding to Rig or Not to Rig in your Event’s Venue

Helping clients determine, “to Rig or not to Rig” is always a key part in helping them in planning. As their event production partner we understand that production is often one of their largest budget items, and we take that very seriously.

Production plans can affect event planner budget line items outside of just A/V. Often, venues charge additional fees to allow production to rig, or hang items from the ceiling, in their ballrooms.

We do most of our production planning for our clients via Zoom as they are located all across the country. After hopping off a planning call explaining the venue’s rigging estimate, it made sense to grab a quick video sharing the same information on rigging with a larger audience.

Our hope is that information like this informs you, and ultimately makes you a better steward of your precious budget dollars. We’re honored to be a part of their event and after years of building trust play an active role in their team’s plans. We’d love to do the same for your event.

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