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Your Guide to Producing High-Quality Events On a Lower Budget

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October 07, 2022
Just because you have a smaller budget should not limit your event to basic A/V, or worse, cancel the event altogether. High-quality production is attainable for events of any size or budget, you just need to know a couple of creative solutions. These tips will allow you to host an event of excellent quality while remaining within your organization’s allocated event funds.

The economy is tight, inflation is rising, and organizations of all sizes are looking for ways to reduce costs. Organizations are scrutinizing expenses more and after years of navigating a global pandemic, it’s certainly understandable. If you are among the many who are slowly returning to regular programming, you should be prioritizing value over price when considering your event budget. Instead of budgeting with a pre-set cost in mind, consider how you can get creative to execute a meaningful and effective event without cutting corners. Too often, organizations think they should cancel an event if their budgets are reduced. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are several ways to plan and produce an excellent, high-quality event with a lower budget. Here’s how.

Shorten the Event

If your annual conference has always spanned three days, consider condensing the agenda to two days. It’s entirely possible to save six-figures simply by cutting d