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How to Elevate Your Event with Creativity

May 21, 2024

If you’re an event planner, your world revolves around logistics. Itineraries, room layouts, vendor contracts, and head counts dominate your to-do lists. And this is certainly for good reason. You’re the conductor keeping the show moving smoothly. Just don’t forget a crucial component of any successful event that may not be so obvious: creativity. avad3 event production is a national team where highly creative individuals work their magic to make an event the best it can be with seamless audio, video, and lighting.

What is Event Creativity?

This may seem like a topic for your art or marketing team, but trust us- creativity matters in events. If you don’t want your conference or brand launch or gala to feel like the last one (or five) your attendees have gone to, creativity should move to the top of your priority list. This does not mean you have to create an astonishing, once in a lifetime moment. Creativity just means being thoughtful and purposeful about all of the elements of your event in ways that are unique to your organization.

Why Event Creativity Matters

Regardless of the industry you’re in, the people who are attending your events have probably been to many like it. Utilizing a little creativity can help set your event apart, making it more memorable and improving engagement. This often results in an increased return on investment (ROI) and it enhances the overall experience for everyone involved from start to finish.

Photo by: avad3 Event Production 3D LED Wall video display at Walmart Marketplace Seller Summit – Las Vegas NV.

Components of Event Creativity

If it feels overwhelming to understand how to make a concerted effort to integrate creativity into the event planning process, consider the different components individually:

Innovative Event Design 
Sometimes the word design triggers an assumption that you’re no longer talking about the main goals of an event. But intentional and innovative design has a place in every corner of planning. Many production companies have graphic designers and other specialists that can help produce and develop ideas. The most important outcome of design is that everything is intentional and cohesive- an achievable goal for sure.

Holistic Approach to Event Branding
A brand logo might not be noticed at the check in table. But if it’s seen again on the stage, in the printed materials, and on the tablescapes, it’s much more likely to make an impression. Even more subtle options like an on-brand color scheme or basic imaging can create a theme and set an environment.

Photo by: avad3 Event Production, stage at lighting  at EAST Con – Hot Springs AR.

Intentional Theme Development 
Perhaps your theme is a tagline or image, or maybe it’s just a mood. A good theme takes into consideration what your goal for the event is, and what you want attendees to take away from their experience. Do you want them to leave feeling energized? Having extensive knowledge of your new product? Committed to a new goal? Work to choose a theme that promotes your goal, and constantly look for places your theme can make an appearance or be supported by the event details.

Engaging Stage Construction 
Your event guests will likely spend a lot of time staring at your stage area. Never miss this opportunity. It can be so much more than a backdrop. Production companies can use lighting, furniture, signage, and other innovative design elements to create a space that enforces your theme and inspires your audience.

Immersive Experiences 
Depending on your event length, location, and purpose, an immersive experience component might be a brilliant way to fully engage your participants. Check out our article on experiential events, which includes some great examples of successful immersive experiences for inspiration.

Photo by: avad3 Event Production, colorful, floral gobo projections at Mercy Charity Ball – Fort Smith AR

Event Space & Visual Impact

Production is bigger than the stage, your entire event space should be considered a creative opportunity. The way you lay out and use your space can work to your advantage not just logistically, but in ways that promote your theme and energize attendees. Unused corners, long hallways, and the backs of rooms do not have to be forgotten spaces. They can be used for displays, conversation areas, or even serve as spaces for innovative technology to make an appearance. Production companies can be a great source of suggestions for how to maximize your space’s impact.

Experience From Invite to Event

Your first point of contact with your attendees is long before they show up. How will they first hear of your event? What form will their invitation take, and what will their communication with your team up until the event look like? Will they see information on social media? Don’t forget all that happens before an event. It serves to set the tone and excite participants about what they’ll experience, especially when there’s continuity as they arrive and attend the event.

Photo by: avad3 Event Production, band plays on stage in front of 100ft projector screen.

Building a Creative Event

There are plenty of ways to simplify the thought process when creating your event and focusing on creativity. First take advantage of the wealth of innovative design and technology that exists and continues to evolve and expand. If creative tech is not in your wheelhouse, talk with your production company- it’s definitely in theirs. Find out what’s out there that’s new and exciting, and how it might fit with your event. Thoughtfully select a holistic theme, and approach every part of your planning with that theme in mind. It will give you a great foundation to build upon. Consider nontraditional ways to engage and immerse your attendees in their event experience- there are innumerable examples to discover that will spark your imagination. And remember that your event begins as soon as your participants hear about it, so consider every point of contact as an opportunity to be creative.

Creative events have an intrinsic value that really can’t be overstated. If it feels like it’s a feat you don’t want to manage alone consider hiring a creative events company so the pros can be on your team. The essence of a well-thought-out, creative event is that it is effective and powerful, and that’s an outcome that is imminently achievable with some creative work in the mix.