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3 Things Your Production Company Can Provide for $500 That Will Increase Your Event’s Value

January 13, 2023

The venue lobby for your event is often an afterthought. But you need to resist the temptation to ignore it. First impressions set the tone for your event and they happen in the lobby. Spending a small amount on simple audio, video, and lighting upgrades in your entry will make your event feel more polished and thoughtful.

How to Upgrade Your Event’s Entrance With a Relatively Small Investment

1. Add a Loudspeaker

A $50 loudspeaker placed in the lobby can provide a couple of advantages. During the pre-event or check-in time, music in the lobby can increase the energy level of participants. Turning off the music is a great auditory cue for people to move into the main room and find their seats.

Getting attendees to move into place so things can begin on time can be a surprisingly difficult task. At avad3’s events, we always make sure that the lobby speaker is independent of the rest of the event’s sound system, and that it has a VOG microphone attached that can be used to inform lingering guests that they need to move into the main room. This is an inexpensive and very effective way to make sure everyone gets where they need to be on time.

2. Add a Television

A large (think 70 inches or so) flat-screen television on a high stand will be able to serve several purposes. Before the event, you can use the screen as an electronic sign displaying your logo that will help people easily identify your location and brand. You can also elect to do an information loop, where the included possibilities are numerous: social media hashtags, event schedules, and sponsor recognition are popular choices.

Once your event begins, you have the option to transfer the screen to a live feed of your event. If someone is late or needs to step out and is waiting for a good time to slip back in, they will appreciate the feed. You can choose to use the speaker to include sound, or go with visuals only. A television and stand should only set you back around $400 and will be a helpful source of information during your entire event.

3. Add Uplighting

Green, purple, and blue lights fill a ceiling with color.Blue and green uplighting lines a lobby.

Color Pars are battery-operated uplights that can display virtually any color. A set of 6 will cost about $200 and can be used in a few different ways. One thing we often do is set them up around the main doorway to create a striking visual entrance. You can choose colors that are consistent with your brand, logo, or event theme.

Investing In The Entrance Upgrade Can Transform Your Event

Lighting can achieve a surprising range of goals, even when used in small ways. Whether your event is using the lobby for attendee check-in or just as a pathway to your main room, there’s no question that it will help form your guests’ first impressions of your event. You don’t need a huge budget or extravagant effort to maximize the impact of your lobby. These simple tools above, along with thoughtful event video production, allow your audience to stay in touch with what is happening in the main room, drive attendee traffic to your main event, and can serve as great marketing material if there are other events happening at the same location. Those passing by in the main lobby may be curious and will be more likely to interact with your brand.

Your AV vendor or event production company can provide simple, affordable improvements that make a big difference.

*Please note that the prices mentioned in this article are typical for industry standards and represent our prices at one-day events across the country.

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