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Planning a Hybrid Event? Here are 17 Tips to Ensure It’s a Success

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October 02, 2021
We all had to move from in-person to virtual events and conferences during the pandemic. But now that we’re able to share the same interior space again, what do events look like?

Hybrid events combine both virtual and in-person elements, and though they require increased effort, they can also provide increased return on investment and reach. So how do you pull off a successful hybrid event? That’s the question this white paper is here to answer.

You will Learn:

  • How to engage virtual attendees at a hybrid event
  • The “why” behind choosing your streaming platform
  • How to maintain trust with attendees by being mindful every minute
  • The importance of keeping sponsors happy by delivering value

Event planners spend years perfecting their checklists and growing their skill set to host marvelous in-person events. However, the reach of the event is limited to the guest list of potential attendees.

How do you expand that reach? Grow an email list to make next year’s event bigger and better than this one. The number one thing you can show a potential attendee before they make the trip is a sneak peek by attending virtually. Attending an event comes with a high price tag, and by offering it virtually, you lower the barrier.

Virtual attendees do not dilute the efficacy of your event. Your ultimate goal is to convert those virtual attendees to in-person attendees, increasing your event size, Attracting sponsorships, and advancing the missions of your organization. Hosting your event in a hybrid