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“Wow, it looks awesome in here!” Do your guests say that when they walk into the room? You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Lighting transforms regular rooms into special events.

Convention centers and venues design their spaces to be be versatile. They paint walls with generic, bland colors. These venues are giving you a starting point. It’s your chance to make your event look more special than the stuffy meeting hosted in the space yesterday. Are you taking advantage of that opportunity? Those who are, do it with lighting.

Guests are tired of seeing the same room look the same, over and over. Your event budget doesn’t contain a building renovation. You can’t change out those ancient chandeliers hanging in the ballroom. However, with lighting, your event, that one day, can completely renovate the space. All without having to strip any wallpaper!

Seriously, most venues need help sprucing up the place. You don’t stop at signing the hotel contract. That’s when your decorating wheels begin turning!

Your venue is a blank canvas, let us paint with light!

We start with making sure your presentations on stage can be seen with stage lights. Then we make the stage backdrop look more interesting with color. Next, uplighting around the room. Layer after layer of painting with light. After the basics, we go deeper with Gobos. Either generic ones with textured patterns, or custom gobos with your organization’s logo or sponsor logos. From there, we layer on moving lights. These aren’t just for concerts! Whether they’re moving during your event, or just during walk-in and breaks, these movers really add the finishing touches.

We’ve transformed hundreds of events by painting with light. We’re convinced that lighting is the finishing touch that makes the ultimate first impression.