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Non-profits run on the contributions of their donors. Events serve as a call-to-action moment and give a sense of urgency to the cause. They’re also the perfect time to deliver the results of previous giving. Donors bring friends, bringing awareness and giving fresh exposure of potential donors to the non-profit. Celebrities and honored guests show their support by making appearances, giving momentum to the non-profit’s mission. All of this happens within about 2-3hrs. Then that’s it. For the year.

Those 2-3 hours matter! A lot!

Events happen for a reason!

On their biggest days of the year, the Frank Broyles Foundation trusts their Dine for Dementia messaging in the hands of our team at avad3.

It's hard to find words to show appreciation for the people who help preserve a legacy for someone you love. Thank you.
Molly Arnold
Frank Broyles Foundation
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Here’s how we deliver for this client’s big day:


Months before the event date, ticket sales were boosted with the help of one of our Promo Preview videos. This drew attention to the event, reminded attendees from previous years and attracted new exposure for the organization. At the event, our creative team captured the action on the golf course and in the room to put together a highlight video. This reminded donors of the contributions they made after the fact and drove awareness about the event to those who missed out.


The foundation layer. Why gather hundreds of your following together if they can’t hear or understand what you have to say? Before all the stage lights, before all the IMAG cameras, audio comes first. The family chooses to host this event at the Fayetteville Town Center in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas. Here, we’re able to use our rigging equipment and expertise to hoist the speakers from the steel ceiling support beams. By using a flown sound system, our line array speakers give the audience smooth volume levels from front to back. Donors in the front row don’t complain about it being too loud. Latecomers in the back can hear crystal clear audio, even near the noisy bars.


Event lighting is an art. “Painting with light,” is the way to transform a bare bland space into an experience. The Town Center wisely has plain walls and a generic carpet color scheme. However, this event centers around a prestigious golf tournament. So, we transformed the space to look like an extension of the golf course. Players were out on the green all day, and even though the venue is a short drive away, we connected the two environments with our moving lights, uplight and stage wash fixtures all focused around the stage. This helped to focus in the audience. When the entire room is lit with in-house lighting, attention can roam. It’s scientifically proven that our eyes naturally gravitate towards the brightest spot in the room. We make sure that’s the stage. And, we fill the rest of the room with nice, even color.


Anything further than 100ft needs to be IMAG‘d. The town center is 120ft deep, so, we made sure guests in the back could see by bringing 2 of our broadcast cameras. In addition to providing live IMAG in the room on our projection screens, these cameras served a dual-purpose in the budget by also giving the family recordings of all the speeches given that evening. This drives results, because this content is used to promote the foundation. It’s used to gain traction for next year’s events. It’s amazing how in the grand scheme of an event production budget, adding recording is a small percentage, but provides months of value for ongoing promotion. A huge win for the foundation and their marketing efforts.

Every non-profit deserves flawless event production on their big day, no matter where they are in the country. That’s what we’re here to do. If you’d like to speak with us about being your production partner, reach out! We’d love to share our learnings from 100+ events each year and apply them to your unique needs on your organization’s big day.