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Time and time again, event planners battle to make sure guests can hear clearly. People in the VIP seats up front by the stage say it’s too loud. Late-comers and Press in the back say they can’t understand what’s being said. Because everything said on stage matters, clear audio is a top priority. When folks can’t hear, they let you hear about it! You have more important things to do on-site than constantly telling the sound person to turn it up for the folks in the back, or down for the folks in the front.

This is the first Director's Reception that I don't recall hearing comments about not being able to hear. It's been an ongoing battle in our venues and you nailed it.
Barbara McBride
Crystal Bridges Museum

Why gather hundreds or thousands in a room if they can’t hear? On your biggest day of the year, can the people in the back understand clearly?

Imagine an event where you don’t have to think about the sound one time. That is a reality for our clients, and it can be your reality, too.

Through months of planning, we design a floor plan that places speakers where they need to be for guests to hear clear audio. We select the perfect microphones for challenging environments. Every room is unique. Some venues have bad echos. Others have loud catering kitchens or distracting noises nearby. Some presenters are soft-spoken, and somehow always seem to follow energetic and loud moments on stage. It takes a lot of expertise, experience, and hard work to achieve clear audio in any environment. And we do that every single day.