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Why not double your audience size with online viewers? Increase your value, have your event recorded, and use it in marketing content year-round!

Streaming and Recording cater to a completely separate audience than the guests in your room. Or, with virtual events, there is no room! We’re doing more and more virtual events.

Marketing agencies hosting events for brands want more impressions for next year. Corporations want to make sure leadership’s message carries beyond the moment in the room. Non-Profits want to raise awareness and get more support behind their mission for next year. If you’re not recording and using your event footage to promote your organization, you’re leaving value on the table!

Event Production is expensive when it all goes towards the limited number of impressions in a room. In the overall scope of an event production budget, recording is a small additional expense, that provides months of marketing content. The same is true for streaming! Once we’re there, you’ve got audio in place, lighting in place, projectors, screens, everything, adding cameras for capturing and streaming gets the message beyond the audience in the room.

We have gotten so many texts, emails and survey responses expressing just how impactful the day was, and that impact doesn't happen without the environment your team creates. Conversations with Livestream sites don't happen without the expertise you team brings.
Ben Kirksey
WorkMatters Leadership Summit
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Could your audience grow beyond your room? Do you want to capture and leverage the content of your event for years of use? We’d love to help you do both.