You and your team work diligently to make events happen for your organization. Months and months of calling, planning, budgeting, and meetings. Depending on your event, there are a lot of details that need to be worked out. Among the most crucial of those details is your events A/V.

Why A/V is Important

You have no event without your guest speakers and presenters. What happens if your guests can’t hear or see them? If your message isn’t communicated, how does this influence the experience of your attendees? Your message will only make an impact if the A/V works – and works well. If not, everyone will be talking about how the lights were in my eyes the entire time! Or how they were speaking so quietly, I couldn’t hear a thing.” If your audience doesn’t clearly hear and fully understand your message, were those months of planning worth it?

What You Can Do To Plan A/V Properly

1. Planning Ahead

As obvious and simple as it sounds, discussing your event’s A/V needs at the beginning planning stages goes a long way. Planning your event production, in the beginning, can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Most importantly, it helps relieve stress by giving plenty of time for changes. This allows your event to be exactly what you envisioned. In addition, shipping last-minute gear and hiring last-minute staff to aid your event’s production can get pricey. It’s the difference between an ER bill and a standard doctor visit. Save your money and/or invest it back into the production of the event itself.

2. Discuss Venue Options with Your Production Company

Large event production companies visit hundreds of venues throughout the year. When you discuss the needs of your event with your production company, you cut out the need to call around and find a venue by yourself. You also reduce the risk of extra headaches once on site. Your production company will be able to have extra insight on what venue would work best for the capacity and needs of your event.

3. Do you have a repeating event? Develop a Relationship with your production company.

Imagine being able to have your A/V taken care of simply by sending a text message to your production company. We do this for repeat clients all the time. After using a production company over multiple events, they learn your needs – and they earn your trust.

How Excellent A/V Support Will Transform Your Event

Putting effort into finding the right audio visual production company and getting the right A/V for your event will pay off. Investing in high-quality production transforms an event from a boring business presentation to an environment full of learning and networking. We’ve seen non-profits exceed their funding goals in one night due to the success of their messaging. It is always worth the investment when your message is heard loud and clear. After all, it’s not just a room full of people. Their presence is purposeful and your message to them is important. Present them with a show that surpasses expectations, and you’ll be rewarded with prosperity.

Helping clients determine, “to Rig or not to Rig” is always a key part in helping them in planning. As their event production partner we understand that production is often one of their largest budget items, and we take that very seriously.

Production plans can affect event planner budget line items outside of just A/V. Often, venues charge additional fees to allow production to rig, or hang items from the ceiling, in their ballrooms.

We do most of our production planning for our clients via Zoom as they are located all across the country. After hopping off a planning call explaining the venue’s rigging estimate, it made sense to grab a quick video sharing the same information on rigging with a larger audience.

Our hope is that information like this informs you, and ultimately makes you a better steward of your precious budget dollars. We’re honored to be a part of their event and after years of building trust play an active role in their team’s plans. We’d love to do the same for your event.

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