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What is Audio Visual Production?

November 07, 2023

If you ask most people what audio visual production is, they can probably give you a reasonably accurate answer- it’s in the name, right? The work that’s done to create and execute a plan for the audio, visual, and lighting components of an event may seem basic, but it’s actually typically the single factor most affecting the success of an event. If people can’t see and hear what’s going on, they can’t stay engaged and they won’t value their experience. That’s why hiring the right production company is so essential. We are able to work with clients throughout the planning process to provide specialized solutions and professional support, ensuring that events are produced smoothly and at the highest standard.

Understanding audio visual production

The basic production requirements for any event typically include many of the same elements. There is a need for a quality, dependable sound system including speakers, microphones, a sound board, and other components. A projector, screens, and other types of displays are often required, as are stage, lobby, and venue lighting. Of course none of this is helpful if it doesn’t come with an experienced, efficient production team that makes sure everything is set up and runs as it’s meant to.

Equipment for A/V production

Event planners sometimes have the option of using a venue’s “in-house” AV setup. This can work, but there are significant limitations, see our article with more details here. The equipment options are narrow and often dated or unreliable, and there may not be adequate production staff to handle any issues beyond basic setup. Despite this, the per-equipment costs can be higher than what production companies charge. A production company’s job is not to make easy additional money for the venue, but to serve the client directly with a customized audio visual plan.

Applications of A/V production

In addition to the typical AV services, avad3 offers a wide range of other options to make events effective and memorable. We can work with clients from the first day of planning, assisting with concept and set design, graphics, and creative services. We produce hybrid and virtual events and have streaming and video production capabilities. Our extensive experience allows us to present our clients with innovative and varied ways to enhance their events, always with the confidence that the production will be flawless.

A/V production as a business

Our process with clients is one way we ensure success. We begin as soon as we’re brought on board, meeting with planners to understand the vision and goals for an event. We are then able to customize a plan for the event based on achieving those goals while maximizing the budget. We communicate regularly, run rehearsals as needed, and create a detailed plan. Our setup is a thing to behold- we prioritize a load in process that is astonishing in its efficiency. Our production staff is one step ahead of every moment so there are no disasters. Dependability is essential and we provide it every time. We have a post-event meeting with our clients to discuss the outcome and make notes for next time. Our clients’ event success is our success.

We’ve been creating A/V production, and loving what we do, for years. Take a look at some recent examples of our work:

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