Aidan Aguilar

Aidan Aguilar

Production Hand

The most inspiring part of my job is collaborating with a team that truly values and appreciates our work. Seeing our efforts culminate in an irreplaceable and seamless show, built from nothing, fills me with immense inspiration.

If you’re considering joining our team, my advice would be to prepare yourself for the vastness of this industry. There is always something new to learn, and being open to continuous growth and adaptation is crucial for success. The event production field is dynamic and ever-evolving, so embracing knowledge and embracing change will set you on the path to thrive in this industry.

When I’m not working, I find my happiness in the company of my friends and loved ones. Spending time with them, sharing experiences, and creating lasting memories is something I truly cherish.

A typical day for me starts with getting ready for work and immersing myself in the exciting world of event production. With meticulous attention to detail, I handle various responsibilities, ensuring that every aspect of a project is organized and executed flawlessly. After a productive day, I indulge in culinary delights, engage in activities I enjoy, and eventually wind down, ready to embrace the adventures of the next day.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I have a life-long goal of becoming skillful and wise in various areas of life. I aspire to build something remarkable, worth passing on to future generations. Additionally, I possess a talent that not many people know about—I have been an avid snowboarder for over a decade. There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration and freedom I experience while carving through snow-covered slopes.