Brandon Augustin

Production Hand

I got my first taste of event production work at John Brown University, where for several semesters in a row I worked with the sports broadcasting team filming campus basketball games and trying not to get smacked in the face by stray shots. Dodging basketballs with a 20lb camera on your shoulder feels like a sport in its own right.

After college I went into video production and I have worked as a video editor for everything from TV news stations to tech startups, but the idea of giving event production another try always intrigued me. I have a couple of friends who went into that kind of work and they always seemed to enjoy what they did for a living. When you look into event production in Northwest Arkansas you inevitably come across avad3, so when I saw that they had an open position I jumped on it.

Now I work in the warehouse sorting and maintaining the gear that avad3 uses to turn a client’s ideas into massive and memorable events. There’s a lot of fascinating equipment that gets used on our shows, and making sure that gear gets to where it needs to be in proper working order has been rewarding and enjoyable work. I look forward to learning everything I can about event production and the equipment that makes it happen.

In my free time you can find me riding NWA’s extensive bike trails, playing tabletop strategy games with my brother, reading classic sci-fi, and using my souped-up video editing PC to play video games with the graphics settings cranked all the way up (one of the lesser-known perks of being a video editor).

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