Jessica Kloosterman

Sales Director

Prior to joining the team here at avad3, I was a part of developing a company in the sports performance industry in Denver, Colorado. We started with a very small group of highly motivated and passionate individuals. The driving force of our unit was our mission and standard of excellence. The organization grew to the best sports performance team in the state where it is still thriving today.

As my family continued to grow, my heart continued to pull me back home to Arkansas. Being a part of the avad3 company is a direct parallel to my previous team in terms of their mission to serve and their high standard of excellence. Working alongside people who love what they do and working for people to serve their needs is an incredible opportunity.

It is an honor to be a part of a team that seeks to serve in all that they do. As avad3’s Sales and Marketing Manager, I continue to further the company’s mission by maintaining and building relationships with current and future clients. In addition, I assist in building the company’s brand by expanding strategies to reach and meet the A/V needs of clients across the country.

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