Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson

Senior Shop/Field Assistant

I make sure the right cases of equipment make it from our shop to your show, all prepped and ready for a flawless event. I love my perspective of helping things go from inanimate items on a shelf to an imaginative scene in a matter of hours. It’s an amazing experience. 

I got started with live production at my childhood church who needed someone to run a camera. I quickly learned I loved the constant change and ingenuity of the industry. My spark and passion today come from helping people create memories celebrating their accomplishments at our events. I can’t wait to see what events we have in our future and what ideas we’ll get to try. 

In the meantime, you can find me in the avad3 shop helping get prepped equipment strapped into a truck headed to your event. Making events flawless starts well before my teammates get on-site and it’s my job to set them up to succeed. 

Jessica’s Favorite Event with avad3 – Red Shoe Soiree 2020

The Red Shoe Soiree 2020 was one of my favorite events for being on site. It was an engaging, heartfelt show that served a cause that I support outside of work, raising $80,000 for the Ronald McDonald House in that hour. Find out more about this event