Josh Grider

Josh Grider

Asset Coordinator

One of the most inspiring aspects of my job is the wealth of knowledge that surrounds me. Being in the live production world, I have access to a vast array of expertise and resources. The opportunity to continuously learn and develop my skills is incredibly motivating. Our team is equipped with top-notch equipment, and the knowledge and experience they possess are invaluable. They’re always willing to share their insights, making this job an exceptional learning opportunity for someone like me who is eager to grow in this field.

To all the candidates who aspire to join our team, here’s some advice from me to you: It’s not solely about what you already know but also about your ability to find the right answers. Embrace your unique qualities and bring them to the table. Be yourself, as your individuality and perspective are what make our team diverse and strong. We value your ability to think critically, problem-solve, and contribute your own unique skills and ideas.

When I’m not working, my happiness lies in playing bass and creating music. It’s my ultimate form of self-expression and a way to let my creativity flow freely. I also cherish spending quality time with my fiancé and our two adorable cats, Piper and Auggie.

A typical day for me starts with a constant battle against the temptation to stop at Starbucks on my way to work. Once I’m in the office, I dive into the world of gear. This involves various tasks, such as initializing, building, maintaining, counting, and even ordering general supplies. Additionally, I occasionally go on-site to assist with shows and perform general warehouse work. It’s a dynamic and hands-on role that keeps me engaged and constantly learning.

As for my lifelong goal, I aspire to be part of a touring band. The thought of traveling and sharing my music with people around the world fills me with excitement and a sense of fulfillment. It’s a dream I’ve nurtured since I was young, and I’m determined to make it a reality.

Lastly, there’s a talent that many people may not know about me. I consider myself a jack of all trades, always eager to learn new things. I have a knack for retaining random information, which often surprises those around me. Oh, and if you’re ever up for a Harry Potter trivia challenge, be warned—I might just give you a run for your money!