Laura Basch

Sales Administrative Assistant

With previous experience in event coordination, I understand the significance of a reliable and skilled team of AVL professionals dedicated to making every event extraordinary. One of the most inspiring aspects of my job is having the chance to introduce new and prospective clients to this exceptional team.

If you’re considering joining the avad3 Team, my advice to you is to embrace the exciting journey of growth and continuous improvement. Our company fosters an environment that challenges and supports each member, enabling you to become the best version of yourself.

When I’m not busy at work, you’ll find me enjoying quality time with my friends, engaging in one of three activities: lifting weights at the gym to stay active and healthy, immersing myself in board games for some friendly competition, or embarking on thrilling adventures in the epic world of Star Wars.

A typical day for me is dynamic and fulfilling. I love engaging with new clients, streamlining sales and marketing processes, and ensuring our operations team is well-informed and equipped to produce exceptional events for our clients. And of course, no day is complete without at least one cup of locally-sourced decaf coffee to keep my creativity flowing!

Beyond my professional aspirations, family traditions and history hold a special place in my heart. My lifelong goal is to one day purchase an olive grove and house in the town where my family immigrated from in western Greece, preserving our heritage for generations to come.

If I had a superpower, teleportation would be my top pick. With my loved ones scattered across the globe, the ability to see them regularly would allow me to maximize the time spent with those I hold dear.

When I was young, my dad shared a powerful phrase from Steve Jobs that has stuck with me: “Think different.” This inspiring advice has encouraged me to embrace creativity, trust my intuition, and appreciate my unique perspective on life. I believe that together, with our diverse experiences and perspectives, we are stronger.

Reflecting on my childhood, crime-comedies sparked my interest, and I always dreamed of becoming a detective.

In addition to my passion for event production, I possess a lesser-known talent—I am a classically trained pianist. The music of composers like Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel captivates me, and creating beautiful melodies on the piano fills my heart with joy.