Sebasti­an Guerra

Senior Production Tech

avad3 has grown me from a broadcaster to a live events expert in lighting and video. Today when I’m on-site you can find me in a scissor lift focusing lighting on a truss, or backstage in the video world connecting all the sources to the destinations to get content to audiences in the room and beyond. 

I had been working in the broadcast side of the production industry for years when I transitioned to avad3. Going from being a news photographer on the journalism side to live events made me realize there is a lot of creativity that goes into live events. I love to be creative, and I love projects that allow me to use my imagination. When a client gives us a spark of lighting direction, I take that and transform rooms from blank canvases into branded experiences. 

I’m a proud graduate of the avad3 Apprenticeship program. When I’m not on-site with Lighting or Video, and not in the shop, you can find me helping the next wave of apprentices grow. I love getting hands-on in the shop and working hard behind the scenes to contribute to the mission of this company that I call home. 

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