Tyler Herron

Tech Team Lead

I’ve enjoyed a wide variety of opportunities in the live event space before working for avad3. As a full time employee, I’ve served as a lighting and stage designer for a mega church and a technical director for a performing arts theater. Most of my experience comes from freelancing where I’ve had the privilege of doing anything from motion graphic design for virtual events, lighting or video for larger events, to being a CAD artist for a presidential inauguration.

I am most inspired in my role by the team I lead. I’ve been so blessed with this group of individuals that have seemingly fallen into my lap. They lead with excellence, expertise, and comradery and I love watching them grow.

My favorite aspect of event production is that this industry truly runs on magic. I am constantly amazed how when something goes wrong, and a load-in becomes chaotic, we somehow get to a point where it’s 5 minutes til doors and everything just falls into place. There’s a collective sigh of relief that echoes across the comms. The crew flips into show mode and it’s pure focus the entire time. The people working in this industry are the absolute top-notch that can be found, and I’m thrilled I get to see them thrive.

I’m really lucky that the thing I enjoy doing most in this life is my job. However, when I’m not at work, I will almost certainly be working on some sort of creative project. I’m a writer through and through and find myself typing far too much at times. I’m happiest when I’m interacting with creative work of almost any medium.

If I could have a superpower, no doubt I would want to be able to control time. I do think I would abuse the power most to take extended naps… however, since this industry seems to always need just a few more minutes, I’d enjoy being able to give the world that leisure.