Yevir De La Cruz

Yevir De La Cruz

Warehouse Hand

Before joining avad3, I started my career helping my dad in construction, where I learned the basics like nailing down house frames. Later, I spent two years working at Walmart in Online Grocery Pickup before finding my way here.

The most inspiring aspect of my job is the opportunity to collaborate with incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable colleagues. Witnessing how they apply their expertise in their work is truly motivating.

In event production, my favorite part is being on-site with my coworkers. The camaraderie as we work together to seamlessly connect different elements of the show is incredibly inspiring.

Outside of work, I find happiness in a mix of working on personal projects to challenge myself creatively and spending quality time with friends, sharing laughter and relaxation.

If I could have a superpower, I’d choose teleportation. The ability to travel instantly would eliminate worries about scheduling conflicts or being late, allowing for greater freedom and flexibility in life.