What are Hybrid Events?

The evolution of technology has created an unprecedented opportunity for companies and organizations to expand the scope of their live events by adding a virtual component. This allows events to maintain the effectiveness and experience of in-person attendance, while still being able to provide an opportunity for people who can’t be there to still participate and engage in the event in real time. It also brings the chance to include panelists and presenters who aren’t able to attend in person. While hybrid events can be a huge success, they require a production company that is fully capable of the complex technological and logistical requirements.

This hybrid, livestreamed conference was produced avad3 Event Production

Advantages of Hybrid Events

The value of hybrid events, when done right, is significant. It allows organizations to expand their reach and event participation. It reduces the need for travel and accommodations, which is cost effective, eco-friendly, and also expands the in-person venue options. It allows for more flexibility and more opportunities for sponsorship and involvement from presenters, panelists, and other contributors. The main risk for a hybrid event is production failure. The setup and execution have to be flawless. avad3 specializes in anticipating the needs of a hybrid event and ensuring they are met and exceeded every single time.


When avad3 began producing hybrid events, we realized that there would be essential, nonnegotiable goals. The experience has to be positive and seamless for everyone: the in-person audience, the virtual audience, and the presenters. The technology has to be dependable, ample, and of superior quality and capabilities. The production staff has to be well trained and excellent at communication and execution. We make sure these goals happen at every hybrid event we produce.

Producing a Hybrid Event

First of all, expertise matters. avad3 is fortunate to have an outrageously talented team of professionals that love event production and are experts in their fields. Our audio guys and gals live and breathe audio innovation and processes. Our lighting folks know all there is to know and love to create lighting setups that change the game. We stay on top of trends in the industry, new technology, and evolving production methods to ensure our clients can benefit from the newest and best options available.


Optimizing Technology

No matter what production company you work with, they should make sure the technology is of the highest quality and at peak performance. They should work in the planning stage with clients to thoroughly understand the event and provide the best options for them. The array of choices for microphones, speakers, streaming platforms, projectors, and other tech components can be overwhelming, but experienced producers break down the choices and guide clients to the options that will serve their needs while maximizing their budget. They should treat every event like the most important event. They should bring backups, extras, and extra backups. All of our staff knows what needs to happen and makes sure it does. Setup is done with efficiency and precision, rehearsals are thorough, and there are always expert eyes on every moving piece. These are the markers of true event production professionals.

Event Planning and Management

More and more, our clients are realizing that a hybrid setup can apply to a wide range of events. Once usually limited to small meetings, we’ve executed hybrid methods with great success for large conferences, trade shows, galas, internal meetings, and more. Not only will giving an event a hybrid component work out well with the right production partner, it can actually add value to the event for both in person and virtual attendees.

If you’re wondering if your next event might work well as a hybrid, we would love to talk with you about your options.