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The Secret to Achieving Your Dream Event: Your Production Partner

August 30, 2023

You probably have a handful of planning tasks you try to take care of as soon as you know an event is on the horizon. Nailing down the dates. Securing a venue. Getting a keynote speaker. While all of these are important steps to making your event happen, let us humbly suggest that you may be missing a golden opportunity if one of your very first moves isn’t to hire your production company.

Conference Production Companies

We know, at first this doesn’t seem to make much sense. Shouldn’t sound and lights be one of the last things you have to worry about? Well, it could be. In our experience, event planners notice that their clients and attendees don’t remember the catering, the decor, the floral arrangements…they remember – whether good or bad – production. Moreover, production companies who are involved from the beginning can become your production partner. They can save you time and money and help you create a dream event that will exceed all expectations. Here’s what that process should look like:

1. Tell us what you know

As soon as you know you have a conference or convention coming up, schedule a session with your production company. Give them the details you have, like dates if they’ve been scheduled and the purpose/goal of the event. Also- and this is important- give them your best knowledge of your budget. This may seem counterintuitive, but it is essential. If you’re skeptical, read more about how this can benefit you here. Production companies should always be respectful of your requirements and happy to operate within your parameters.

Corporate Event Production

2. Tell us what you want

What do you envision for this experience? Do you want attendees to be wowed with something new and energizing? Do you hope your stakeholders will walk away with strengthened confidence in your company? Are you trying to make a large event feel intimate, attendees feel noticed? Think about what outcomes would thrill you and tell your production company. They have tangible methods for achieving whatever goals, however vague, you may have in mind. They can start with a full professional rendering of the event space so you can see exactly what to expect. Their creative branding can ensure that there is consistency and continuity of design, which can be reinforced in lots of unique ways like high-impact lobby experiences or exciting large-scale visuals. They can even assist in booking talent that will ensure your event is memorable for all the right reasons. Our clients are often surprised at how production companies can evolve concepts like mood, energy, and personality into very real, concrete plans.

Show Flow

3. Tell us what you don’t know

If you aren’t sure where your meeting should be held, or what the timeline should look like, or even many details at all, that can be an advantage! Your production company can advise you on making choices that will allow your event to flow smoothly and efficiently. We find that planners are often hesitant to admit they don’t have every detail figured out, but being up front with us about what isn’t decided yet can really serve you well. We have seen and managed all kinds of show flows, in a wide variety of venues and on every scale. Chances are we have experience that can inform your decisions to your benefit.

Live Event Production Companies

After things begin to come together, and as the event gets closer, your production company will still be essential in keeping things running smoothly. We always recommend event rehearsals, which minimize surprises and glitches and allow presenters, planners, and producers alike to feel confident that all details have been handled and everyone is equally prepared. We have a comprehensive rehearsal guide that provides great detail on the advantages of rehearsals, as well as how to determine the best options for your event. Your production company can organize and run any necessary rehearsals, saving you time and ensuring that they achieve all they’re meant to.

AV Production

No two events are ever the same- even the ones that happen regularly. And certainly no one wants two events to feel the same. Achieving originality and innovation without sacrificing efficiency or excellence is what a professional production company does best. Bring them in on day one of your planning process to maximize their impact and your success.

Are you ready to bring in a production partner for your upcoming event? Let’s talk!

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