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Your organization is doing incredible things. Without creative services, no one knows! You need creative services to capture the remarkable things your organization is doing, so your event audience can see it with their own eyes.

Event days are powerful. Hundreds or thousands of people gathered in a room around the mission of an organization. However, these summit days have to represent the 365 days of progress from throughout the year. The mission of your organization happens outside the four walls of your event venue. Those successes have to be captured to be projected in front of your audience.

Video Storytelling

The most powerful form of communication is Video Storytelling. No other format does what video can do. Photos capture a still moment in time. Music conveys emotion. Stories bring people to life. Video storytelling allows you to build the ultimate communication tool by combining the power of all types of communication in layers.

Event Highlights

So much happens on an event day. How do you capture all that energy to demonstrate your successes to others? Event Highlights take hours of incredible presenters and turn them into soundbite snippets and key takeaways. These videos capture the momentum of your day and convey it to those who missed out.

Visual Content

Expectations of event technology are raising. Projectors and screens once used for static presentation images are being transformed through Visual Content. Concerts that used to be driven by lighting are now showing audiences that screens can come to life with motion and energy. This visual content can be generic, branded to your organization or custom for your event. We help screens come to life with these visuals.

Presenter Bumpers

How do you keep the energy up in the room between presenters? Presenter Bumpers help break up the monotony and raise the production value for your audience. Any host can welcome presenters with their bio, but Bumpers add music, energy, graphics, and motion to the mix to really raise the bar of what people expect from your general sessions.

Promo Previews

You set a record in attendance at this year’s event. How are you going to top that next year? To grow your audience size beyond those who were drawn in this year, you have to get the word out. Promo Previews showcase all that you have in store for your upcoming event and drive registrations so you can grow your audience.

Event Production is more than just the lights and sound in the room. It takes stories captured before the event, highlights captured the day-of, visuals projected in the room, bumpers between presenters and hype videos to promote next year’s registrations. We’re proud to offer and equip you with the tools you need to make the most of your event day ROI, and it all begins with creative services.