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Storytelling is the most powerful form of communication. When you take the ancient art of our ancestors and combine it with the latest technology in cameras and capturing equipment, magic can happen.

Circle of Life Hospice is a non-profit that relies on the donations gathered at their annual event to fund their annual operations budget. It’s a big night. There’s a lot riding on the success of how donors respond in that moment. Their generosity changes lives, and that life change begins and ends in about a ten-minute window, on one night, for the entire year.

Production Highlight of annual fundraiser for Mercy Health Foundation

Big Moments

avad3 has always been proud to serve at these events, particularly in the realm of event video production. For event planners, on their biggest days of the year, every minute matters and every minute of presentation deserves to be distraction-free. However, capturing the hearts of the audiences and moving them to give does not happen by flawless A/V alone. Our audio techs, video techs and event crew in the room works hard to make sure nothing gets in the way, but this clearing of distractions leaves a void. With a clear stage, clear audio and a captive audience, what should be said?

Whether the audience is 200 or 2000, their captive attention is precious, and must not be wasted.

You’re Doing Incredible Things

No problem! Your organization is doing incredible things! That’s why we love serving you. We love empowering organizations who are doing incredible things by serving through production so their message is captured and amplified. The problem is, for the audience to SEE what you do, it has to be captured. The hard work of your organization, the results from their donor dollars, they don’t happen in the room. The GOOD your organization does happens outside the four walls of the venue.

Your organization has incredible stories. Story after story. We know because we find stories everywhere. Often they’re hiding in the shadows, but the best ones are sought out, cultivated, captured, and communicated clearly through video.

Hearing of Success Fuels Hard Work

You work 365 days a year towards accomplishing your mission, but the successes, the highlights, they have to be captured. Not just to inspire donor giving but to encourage your team! Your colleagues, those who work day in and day out to contribute to the mission of your organization deserve to hear the stories of success captured and told in the best light. This takes more than a camera, more than editing software, it takes careful attention to the art of storytelling. There is plenty of work to be done with cameras and editing, but not every video that’s been done has moved hearts the same. Not all videos are created equally.

On-location capturing the story of Circle of Life for annual fundraising event.

Some stories are powerful enough that even told poorly will still shine. It’s not a new idea to show a video at a fundraiser event, it’s certainly been done! We’re here to do it better. We’re here to take the incredible things your organization is already doing and to capture them with an ear, an eye and a vision like never before. We’ve seen first-hand how powerful storytelling can make or break an event. It can turn hearts and empower budgets to go and accomplish the missions of organizations like nothing else.

We believe video is powerful. We believe video speaks to the heart to move the mind. We’re passionate about seeking out the stories of success that are already in your view, and showing them to wider audiences with deeper perspective than ever before.


For Circle of Life, we interviewed ten families over the phone. This was a low-cost form of us hearing all sides and making sure we didn’t get all the shooting and editing done haphazardly on the first story that popped up. Then we shot and carefully maximized the precious time of the family featured to respect their vulnerability in sharing. We then worked with the organization to craft the narrative in a way that fit perfectly within their messaging for the evening, and delivered a powerful tool for their strategy.

We’re proud to empower our clients. We’re honored to serve them. Most of all, we love knowing we’re applying our gifts to your needs, and ultimately contributing to your missions, through our small role of creative services.