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Check out this behind-the-scenes tour of a recent set on a commercial video shoot avad3 completed. This client has been with us for multiple years, and this time came to us needing 58 videos created. They sell products online, and with online shopping increasing, customers want to see photos and videos of their products. Just the fact of having a video on their product page helps its search engine optimization, helping customers find their products.

58 videos is a lot. On top of that, we understand that video production is expensive. We don’t take that responsibility lightly and know that every budget dollar we’re given has to return a positive ROI. When this customer asked how we could create 58 videos with a reasonable per-video cost, our minds went into efficiency mode.

To accomplish the goal, we took over an AirBNB for the week with our crew. Baylie led our crew by keeping her shot list of over 400 individual shots straight and on time. Jess was our on-site editor helping our client see the videos assembled as we completed the final shot in each sequence. This client is not in Northwest Arkansas, so we also helped them save budget dollars by streaming each camera back to their home offices via Zoom, saving their travel budget. We had Menna on camera, we brought in Lauren as our professional on-screen talent, and Sebastian lit every scene for us. Even more behind the scenes, we had two production assistants, Emily & Emily, working around the clock to make sure each product looked its best.

It takes a lot to make these product videos show the quality in these products, but when we work together we can lower the per video cost, ultimately allowing the client to sustainably continue to upgrade their product listings, growing their sales, and continuing their success.

What is even better is the multi-year trust this client has placed in us. Even today we are still pulling shots from the very first video shoot years ago and editing together new content to be used on their social media marketing. We’re able to do that because of our expertise in shooting in an “evergreen” format where shots hold their shelf-life longer thanks to our pre-production planning. Together, we’ve forged an incredible partnership that is leading to success and growth. We’re honored to empower them by serving through production.