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For an event that is fully in-person, seeing and hearing the talent on stage is the most important aspect. With hundreds of attendees, this event added screens playing a live video of the stage so everyone could see up close.

The Background

Hosted in a unique art museum, a wealth management firm aimed at celebrating and conversing the achievements of 4 world-class women golfers. This firm invited over a hundred of its clients to network and meet these amazing athletes.

A crowd of 75+ people stands viewing a stage in a large glass room.

The Challenge

Even with elevated staging, bright stage lighting, and clear audio, a packed event such as this one still has a fault; allowing everyone to see the talent up close. To solve this, our team deployed low-profile IMAG (Image Magnification) on 4 large TVs placed all around the room. These screens also doubled as a way for highlight videos, and other visuals to be displayed throughout the event.

Two large television accompany a large stage in a glass filled room.

The Solution

The cameras in the back of the room capturing the IMAG were also able to click record and give the talent video of themselves on stage, further adding to the value of these tools. These screens and recordings paired with clear audio, and great lighting made this event great for all of those who attended.

Camera sits on top of a tripod in the back of a room.